Historically, the pool has always been a slow starter, but it is easy to forget just exactly what that means. Since late April, we've been trying our luck but with little success, wondering what is wrong. In truth it doesn't appear that anything is wrong with anything but our memories. We've just been mis-remembering just what the late in late starter means. It means don't expect anything much before June.


     In the last couple of weeks catches have started to grow and we are at least hooking a tench or two on every visit. Pete caught the latest one today at 4lbs 13oz, his best for many a year. It was a male and fought long and hard before we tricked it into the net. It's a sure sign that we are going to have to look at heavier gear given that David had one of 8lbs 12oz a couple of weeks.

     Despite that it is still hard to understand why the fish have clearly been happy enough to spawn in these conditions judging by the large number of 1/2 - 1" fry in the margins yet the rudd and perch are still reluctant to feed.